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Careers Advice and Guidance | Cyngor ac Arweiniad Gyrfaoedd 

Given the complexity of the transition between school to work, school to post-compulsory education, and the demands of contemporary labour market, there has never been a greater requirement to provide Career Education at Caerleon Comprehensive School. Careers and Work-Related Experiences has an important contribution to make to the growth of all our students.

Caerleon Comprehensive aims to help all students develop an understanding of the purpose of work in life for themselves and society as a whole. This can be achieved by challenging deeply embedded attitudes and perceptions and raising awareness of the diverse range of educational and employment opportunities that are available.

In Wales, Careers Wales delivers the national professional careers information, advice and guidance service for all ages. It offers a free, bilingual and impartial service, underpinned by access to impartial careers guidance and coaching from professionally qualified careers advisers. Careers Wales helps young people and adults to plan their career, prepare to get a job, and find and apply for the right apprenticeships, courses, training and employment.


If you would like to speak to a Careers Wales Advisor please contact the school at

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Careers Wales

The Careers Wales website offers a range of tools and resources, including:

There are many other great sources of career information and advice.  However, it is always wise to consider the credibility of the source of the information. Listed below are links to websites that contain information on career opportunities.

Please note: Caerleon Comprehensive is only highlighting this information for our students and their Parents and Carers and is not responsible for any misinformation held on these websites.

We aim to include as much relevant information as possible and would welcome comments and thoughts to be included on this page.  Please contact Mrs Hale if you wish to contribute to this page.

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General Information

Click the links below for more information: 

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Areas of Learning and Experiences

Careers Support for Parents and Carers

Welsh Government offers skills funding support to individuals in employment, with a strong focus on priority sectors / business areas, including Engineering and Manufacturing, Digital and Net Zero / Green skills. Working Wales | Working Wales (

Personal Learning Accounts is a pre-approved list of training courses which are fully funded and delivered by further education colleges in Wales. They allow individuals to study on a part-time basis, around existing responsibilities. They are available to anyone aged over 19, in employment (earning under £30,596 a year) and living in Wales.  There is no earning cap on approved courses in Digital or Green skills.

The Flexible Skills Programme provides funding of up to 50% of eligible training costs to employers that wish to upskill or reskill their staff.  It is intended that any approved training should help address existing skills gaps. Training is usually of a technical nature, but can also address leadership and management issues within a business. Companies of any size, from any sector and any part of Wales may apply

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