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UniFrog is your one stop destinations platform.  In this part of the website there are many resources, tools and tips on how to get the best out of the platform.  Login at

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KS5 Launch

Getting Started

Watch overview of UniFrog.  Good starting point for Key Stage 5. students.  Download PDF file. 

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Know How Library

Improve Knowledge

Every guide has been written by an expert in the field, including students who have been through the applications process themselves!

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Oxbridge Tool

Applying to Oxford and Cambridge

A direct and easy comparison between Oxford and Cambridge Universities, with all information in one place

Download PDF guide.

Open Laptop

Post 18 Intentions

Step One

Recording your Post 18 intentions is an important feature even if you still don't know what you want to do.

Study Group

Subjects Library

Research Subjects

An extensive, searchable database featuring detailed profiles of every major university subject area.


Distance Learning


Massive Open Online Courses

Easy access to and a direct comparison of the world’s best distance-learning courses all in one place.

Download PDF guide.

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Personality Profile

Take Myer briggs Test

This tool is useful to match careers that suit your personality type.  This is especially usefull if you are still confused about what to do.

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UK University Tool

Research Universities

A uniquely comprehensive live feed of every undergraduate course in the UK.

Download PDF guide.


Special Opportunities

Massive Open Online Courses

Find opportunities that help get you into university and help pay for it too.  


Download PDF guide.


Using Careers Library

Find your perfect careers

Use the Careers Library to find your perfect job.  Download PDF file.

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Apprenticeship Tool

Research Apprenticeships

A uniquely comprehensive list of apprenticeships in the UK.

Download PDF guide.

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 Work Experience

Find Virtual Work experience

Find virtual work experience opportunities.  


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