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The most recent Annual Report to Parents is available from the Publications section of the website. If you require a hard copy of the report, please contact the school, details can be found in Our School

All correspondence should be marked for the Attention of the Chair of Governors c/o the school.  School contact details can be found on the Contact page.



Dr Paul Warren - Chair

Mr Ashton Hewitt - Vice Chair

Mrs Karyn Keane

Cllr Jason Hughes

Cllr Steve Cocks

 Cllr Claire Baker-Westhead

Mrs Andrea Lewis-Jarvis

Mrs Joan Watkins

Mr Andrew Goddard

Mrs Lisa Trenchard

Mrs Jennifer Hando

Dr Kate Griffiths

Mrs Sarah McErlaine

Mrs Alison Thom

Mrs Clare Danaher

Ms Jemma Paull

Mr Simon Meredith

Mrs Kathryn Bevis

Mrs Meryl Etchevey

Rev'd Sue Pratten

Mr Jon Hughes

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