Extra-curricular activities are listed here.  If you are not sure if the activity is for your year-group or you have any queries, please see the organiser before attending.

If you know of any activities that are missing from this list, please let the web administrator (Miss Hewitt) know.

Activity Day Time Location Organiser Year Group
After School Youth Club Monday 3.15-4.45 Caerleon Town Hall Miss H Gregory - Newport Youth Service Year 7-9
Senior Choir Monday 3.05-4.00 F7 Mr K Davies Years 8-13
KS3 Choir Thursday 1.40-2.05 F7 Mr K Davies Years 7-9
6th Form Choir Friday 1.40-2.05 F7 Mr K Davies Sixth Form
Orchestra Wednesday - Week 2 3.05-4.15 Hall  Mr S O'Neill Years 7-13
Wind Band Wednesday - Week 1 3.05-4.15 Hall Mr S O'Neill
Years 7-13
Big Band Friday 3.05-4.15 Hall Mr C Rees Invited players

Raspberry Pi 

Wednesday lunchtime J6 Miss Gibbs All years 


Tuesday lunchtime  J3or 6 Miss Gibbs  Year 12 

Textiles Club

Monday &


lunchtime J8 Mrs V Jones  All years
Drama Club 


(after half term)

3.05-4pm D3   Sixth Form students Year 7 
Debating Club


1.30-2.00 B8 Miss J Roberts See Miss Roberts for details
Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award


After school starting in November   Mr D Crew See Mr Crew for details
History Catch Up Session


3.05-4.00 F3 Mrs L Thomas Years 7-11
Chess Club  Wednesdays


(limited places)

Library Mrs Harris  Year 7 & 8
Art Club


3.15-4.30 Art Miss S Deasy

All Year groups

Year 7 after half term

Year 7 Welsh Club

Mon & Wed

13.20-14.05 (bring lunch) I11 Welsh Bacc Students Year 7


 5x60 Sports

These clubs run alongside the P.E. Department clubs - if you have any queries please see a member of the P.E. Department. 

Day Activity Venue Time
Monday Golf Initiative Caerleon Golf Driving Range  After School
Wednesday Gymnastics Old Gym After School
Wednesday Badminton New Gym  After School
Friday Gymnastics Old Gym After School
Friday Girl's Football

Astro-turf - only until half term as no floodlights

After half term, Old Gym

After School