General information and school policies are available here to download - if a policy you would like to view is not listed here, please contact us. Enquiries regarding admissions or any other business not detailed here, should be made by contacting the school directly.  Please click to go to the CONTACT US page.

Download this file (Additional Learning Needs Policy Jan 2017.pdf)Additional NeedsThe school Additional Needs Policy
Download this file (Admissions and Appeals Policy.pdf)AdmissionsThe school Admissions and Appeals Policy
Download this file (Anti Bullying Policy Jan 2017.pdf)Anti-BullyingThe school Anti-Bullying Policy
Download this file (Assessment Policy.pdf)AssessmentThe school Assessment Policy
Download this file (Attendance Policy.pdf)AttendanceThe school Attendance Policy
Download this file (Behaviour for Learning Policy Nov 16.pdf)Behaviour for LearningThe school Behaviour and Learning Policy
Download this file (Charging Policy.pdf)Charging PolicyThe school Charging Policy
Download this file (Complaints Policy Sept 2018.pdf)ComplaintsThe school Complaints Procedure
Download this file (Crutches and Walking Frame Policy.pdf)Crutches PolicyThe school policy for students attending school with crutches or a walking frame
Download this file (Esafety Policy.pdf)eSaftey PolicyThe school policy for student and staff use of school IT systems and personal devices in school.
Download this file (Fixed Penalty Notices Policy June 2014.pdf)Fixed Penalty NoticeThe school Fixed Penalty Notice Policy
Download this file (Home School Agreement Policy.pdf)Home School AgreementThe school Home School Agreement
Download this file (Packed Lunch Policy.pdf)Packed Lunch PolicyThe school Packed Lunch Policy
Download this file (CP Safeguarding 2018-19.pdf)Safeguarding & Child ProtectionAn outline of the school Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy
Download this file (Sixth Form Uniform 2016-2017.pdf)School Uniform - Sixth FormDetails of the uniform requirements for Sixth Form, including the changes which come into effect in September 2016
Download this file (Uniform Year 7-11 2017.pdf)School Uniform - Years 7-11Details of the uniform requirements for years 7-11
Download this file (Substance Misuse Policy Jan 19.pdf)Substance Misuse PolicyThe school Substance Misuse policy
Download this file (Use of School IT Equipment and Systems 080716.pdf)Use of School IT Equipment and SystemsA message to students about the appropriate use of school IT services
Download this file (Website Policy.pdf)Website PolicyOur school website policy
Download this file (School Privacy Notice v1.2 131118.pdf)Privacy NoticeHow we use pupil data