Here you can download copies of various school publications.

File / URLDescription
Download this file (180130-nscs-parents-and-carers-guide-en.pdf)National Schools CatagorisationA guide for parents and carers
Download this file (Year 10 Prov Offer 7 Feb 18.pdf)Year 9 - Year 10 Options Offer Sept 2018Offer Form for Year 9 students selecting their options for Year 10 Sept 2018
Download this file (Year 9 Options Booklet 2018-2020.pdf)Year 9 - Year 10 Options Booklet 2018Year 10 Learning Pathways for September 2018
Download this file (Caerleon Cashless Catering Information Sheet for Parents.pdf)Cashless Catering Info SheetAn overview of the cashless catering system operated by our catering partner, Chartwells
Download this file (School Prospectus 2016-17.pdf)School ProspectusOur prospectus for September 2018
Download this file (Parents Handbook 2017.pdf)Caerleon Comprehensive School Parent/Carer Handbook 2017-2018Useful information for parents on general aspects of the school
Download this file (Report Guidance Dec 2017.pdf)Progress Report GuidanceGuidance for parents on student progress checks and reports sent out from Dec 2017
Download this file (Social Media Info for Parents.pdf)Social Media and WebsitesUseful info for parents about sites
Download this file (NCC Privacy Policy Notice template 2013_v1.2 (1) biometric version.doc.pdf)Privacy PolicyNewport City Council Privacy Policy Notice
Download this file (how-was-school-today-2017.pdf)How Was School Today?Welsh Government Publication for Parents
Download this file (170413-information-for-parents-carers-2-9-en.pdf)Reading and Numeracy Tests in Wales - Information for parents/carers years 2-9Welsh Government Publication
Access this URL ( to Newport City Council's Parent's Handbook for September 2017
Download this file (CCS GB Annual Report to Parents_2015-16_v2.pdf)Governors' Annual Report to ParentsThe full annual report to parents for 2015-16 academic year.